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  • Life with a smile: Work-life balance on a snowy day at home - Danville Advocate 20 March 2018
    Life with a smile: Work-life balance on a snowy day at homeDanville AdvocateAs a child, the prospect of a snow day was the most magical thing in the world. I can remember that tingling excitement as you went to bed, then waking up to peer out the window to see if the promised miracle had […]
  • Feeling stressed? Here's how you can achieve a better work-life balance - Moneycontrol.com 20 March 2018
    Moneycontrol.comFeeling stressed? Here's how you can achieve a better work-life balanceMoneycontrol.comSomewhere we trade-off between our health and relationships outside of work. But here's how you can achieve a better work-life balance, and make the best of your personal and professional life. (Image: Reuters). Cut away the inessential: The Forbes ...
  • Ireland: Achieving A Healthy Work Life Balance… - Mondaq News Alerts 20 March 2018
    Ireland: Achieving A Healthy Work Life Balance…Mondaq News AlertsThe search for a healthy work-life balance is a process in which people seek to change things in accordance with changes in their own priorities, physical, psychological or both. Our schedules are getting busier than ever before, which often causes our ...
  • Work-life balance is passe. Founders must focus more on work-life harmony - Business Standard 19 March 2018
    Business StandardWork-life balance is passe. Founders must focus more on work-life harmonyBusiness StandardIt was all worthwhile, she said, but it was also incredibly tough. Her candor brought to the fore the invaluable role that the unsung heroes play in a successful founder journey. It also underscored the continual challenge that founders face in finding ...
  • Work-life balance priorities for employers in Singapore - Human Resources Online 19 March 2018
    Human Resources OnlineWork-life balance priorities for employers in SingaporeHuman Resources OnlineTop of Dr Fong's agenda would be to optimise the grant for personal coaching, in context of how values are affected in career transition. As for work-life balance, the initiative that would be top priority is flexi-hours for those who are married ...
  • How to handle the work/life balance as a couple - British GQ 14 March 2018
    British GQHow to handle the work/life balance as a coupleBritish GQThe couple that plays together, stays together, according to relationships gurus who love clichés in cutesy rhyming couplets, but the one thing usually getting in the way is that other four-letter word: work. Beyoncé and Jay-Z - just your average ...
  • Is Work–Life Balance Really Possible? - ATD 14 March 2018
    ATDIs Work–Life Balance Really Possible?ATDMost professionals have online access to their work when at home, and many even have their work emails routed directly to their phones. In fact, 40 percent of professionals believe it is OK to answer an urgent work email at the dinner table. When ...
  • Fixing Parents' Work-life Balance - Haaretz 13 March 2018
    HaaretzFixing Parents' Work-life BalanceHaaretzMost working parents have been there: You're in an important meeting, but all you can think about is that it's almost 4 P.M. and you have to dash out to pick up the kids before rush hour. We all make great sacrifices in the effort to have both a family ...
  • Work-life balance programs paying off for both federal employees ... - Washington Post 12 March 2018
    Washington PostWork-life balance programs paying off for both federal employees ...Washington PostPrograms to help federal employees better balance their work and personal lives are yielding benefits to both those workers and their agencies including higher performance, job satisfaction and commitment to stay with the government, a government-wide ...and more »

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  • Becoming a Master of the Time-Scarcity Demon 16 March 2018
    By Leo Babauta It’s something most of us deal with every day, often without realizing it’s there: a feeling of time scarcity. We know it well: the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it all. This is true not only of work — where we have too many […]
  • How to Be Calm 12 March 2018
    By Leo Babauta I’ve often been described as a “calm” person. I’m not sure if they really mean “boring,” but I’m happy to be calm most of the time. When others are stressing out, I can help calm them down. When things aren’t going well, I calmly take appropriate action instead of falling apart. When […]
  • Creating Structure to Go Deep 8 March 2018
    By Leo Babauta A friend of mine was telling me about two of the most successful times of his often very scattered life … and they both came when he was very focused on one learning project. Having a single focus really allowed him to grow — not only to deeply learn the topic he […]
  • The Craving for Wholeness That Drives Our Actions 5 March 2018
    By Leo Babauta There’s a sense of incompleteness in our lives. We have felt it since adolescence, at least, if not since early childhood — it’s a feeling that something is wrong with us, that something is missing, or that we’re missing out on something in the world. It’s a feeling of disconnection or loneliness […]
  • The March Challenge: One Small Change, One Big Impact 2 March 2018
    By Leo Babauta We’ve just started the third month of the year, and with the realization that this year is slipping past us so quickly … I’m issuing a challenge to all of you. My March Challenge is to pick one small change that will have a big impact on your life. One small change […]
  • How to Develop a Mind That Clings to Nothing 26 February 2018
    By Leo Babauta It’s said that one of the great patriarchs of the Zen tradition, Hui Neng, was enlightened upon hearing a single verse of the Diamond Sutra (one of the key teachings in Buddhism). That verse can be translate in various ways, but the key line in it goes something like, “Develop a mind […]
  • Beautiful Practice Ground: The Secret to Training Your Mind 22 February 2018
    By Leo Babauta I’ve been diving deeper into training the mind when it meets difficulty, stress, the urge to procrastinate, anger, pain, uncertainty, discomfort. And here’s the secret I’ve learned: what most people take to be bad news is actually the good news. Let’s take the example of Greg … he wants to start meditating, […]
  • A Practice For When You Find Yourself Annoyed by Other People 19 February 2018
    By Leo Babauta It’s a common thing to be frequently annoyed by other people — added to our regular interactions with family, friends and coworkers are the online habits of people on various social media, and they can all irritate the hell out of us. What can we do when other people are being annoying, […]
  • One Simple Shift to Turn Life Into an Adventure 15 February 2018
    By Leo Babauta When I was young, I would run barefoot through the jungles of Guam, being chased by bad guys, imagining I was on an Indiana Jones-style adventure. The world was filled with possibility, excitement, discovery, exploration, and a delicious sense of danger and the unknown lurking in the darkness. It was fun, play, […]
  • Powerful Courageousness: Practices to Expand Yourself & Your Gift 12 February 2018
    By Leo Babauta Imagine a woman who has a powerful gift to give to the world, a song to sing that will lift others up … but she only lets herself give that gift when the sun is shining and she’s happy and the moon is in perfect alignment with Jupiter. The world would be […]

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  • How to Do Crazy Good Turns — Frank Blake 16 March 2018
    “You get what you celebrate.”  – Frank Blake Frank Blake (@frankblake) served as chairman and CEO of The Home Depot from January 2007 to May 2014, and then as chairman through January of 2015. He previously served as deputy secretary for the US Department of Energy. Prior to that, he served in a wide variety […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Own the Day, Own Your Life – Aubrey Marcus 13 March 2018
    “Welcome to heaven. Population: everyone.”  – Aubrey Marcus Aubrey Marcus (IG: @aubreymarcus) is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Onnit is an Inc. 500 company and an industry leader with products touching millions of lives, including many top professional athletes around the […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Joe Gebbia — Co-Founder of Airbnb 8 March 2018
    “Anything I come across that feels impossible, I probably need to take a second look.” – Joe Gebbia Joe Gebbia (@jgebbia) is a designer, entrepreneur, and global explorer. He is the co-founder and CPO of Airbnb, which has changed the way the world travels and how people connect in more than 190 countries. In this […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Jack Kornfield – Finding Freedom, Love, and Joy in the Present 5 March 2018
    “Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed. This is the ancient and eternal law.”  – Dhammapada Jack Kornfield (@JackKornfield) trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, India, and Burma, shortly thereafter becoming one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. He has taught […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • How to Secure Financial Freedom, Maximize Productivity, and Protect Your Health 1 March 2018
    In this episode, I answer the most up-voted questions from subscribers to 5-Bullet Friday, the free newsletter I send out every week. In this Q&A, I reveal: The five health markers I check and watch regularly. Strategies to prevent or minimize binge eating during times of stress. The most valuable skills for securing financial freedom. […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Dr. Gabor Maté — New Paradigms, Ayahuasca, and Redefining Addiction 21 February 2018
    “Trauma isn’t what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you.”  – Gabor Maté Dr. Gabor Maté (@drmate) is a physician who specializes in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology. He’s well known for studying and treating addiction. Dr. Maté has written several books, including the award-winning In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction. […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Bob Metcalfe — The Man (and Lessons) Behind Ethernet, Metcalfe’s Law, and More 14 February 2018
    “Never fire anybody alone.” -Bob Metcalfe Bob Metcalfe (@BobMetcalfe) is an MIT-Harvard-trained engineer-entrepreneur who became an Internet pioneer in 1970, invented Ethernet in 1973, and founded 3Com Corporation in 1979. About 1.2B Ethernet ports were shipped last year — 400M wired and 800M wireless (Wi-Fi). 3Com went public in 1984, peaked at $5.7B in annual […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • How to Build Popular Podcasts and Blogs 10 February 2018
    “Let the silence do the work.” – Cal Fussman  Many of you have asked me about strategies for building a popular blog and podcast. I’ve covered some aspects of growing a podcast in a previous post, and then Mari Takahashi (@atomicmari) — a successful ballerina, gamer, and content creator — sent me some very good […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • The 4-Hour Workweek Revisited 3 February 2018
    My first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Thousands of you have asked me how I would update it today — and many have asked why I haven’t updated it since 2009. For this episode, I discuss common questions and misperceptions, and how I would adjust certain chapters and recommendations. As always, thank […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Best Investments, Bad Advice to Avoid, and Other Life Lessons 26 January 2018
    “The world always makes sense; we just don’t understand it.” -Adam Robinson This episode sets a new record with five guests — each considered among the best in their field. It features Adam Robinson (@IAmAdamRobinson), Debbie Millman (@debbiemillman), Neil Strauss (@neilstrauss), Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky), and Veronica Belmont (@Veronica). This roundtable conversation discusses best investments, favorite failures, and bad advice […]
    Tim Ferriss

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