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  • How 5 CEOs approach work-life balance - Becker's Hospital Review 15 August 2018
    How 5 CEOs approach work-life balanceBecker's Hospital ReviewAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he believes work-life balance is a "debilitating phrase because it implies there's a strict trade-off," according to the Chicago Tribune. He said he views it as a circle, not necessarily an equal balance. His happiness at ...
  • The 20 best companies for work-life balance in the UK - Yahoo Entertainment 15 August 2018
    Yahoo EntertainmentThe 20 best companies for work-life balance in the UKYahoo EntertainmentStriking the balance between your job and having a personal life can feel like a luxury at the best of times. However, some companies are wising up to the importance of helping prevent staff from burning out, which also has an impact on turnover […]
  • How Industry 4.0 Is Improving Peoples' Work-Life Balance - 15 August 2018
    Manufacturing.netHow Industry 4.0 Is Improving Peoples' Work-Life BalanceManufacturing.netIn the 2016 Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index, 22 percent of those surveyed admitted to having changed jobs due to problems with their work-life balance. However, the advent of Industry 4.0 has provided a plethora of communication platforms ...
  • SystemSpecs encourages work-life balance employees with Remita Cup - Vanguard 14 August 2018
    VanguardSystemSpecs encourages work-life balance employees with Remita CupVanguardWe are living in a fast-changing world in where the nature and structure of work is continually evolving. In the post-industrial 21st century of today, earning a living is no more enough; job satisfaction is paramount. This is why a balance between ...
  • Work-life balance: Sky shares her secrets - The Straits Times 14 August 2018
    The Straits TimesWork-life balance: Sky shares her secretsThe Straits TimesA I'm a minimalist. I keep my skincare routine simple and straightforward - I don't use fancy products. Looking fabulous is a state of mind. The most important thing is to keep exercising and eating right in order to feel and look your best. TO READ […]
  • More of work-life balance: How can I embrace happiness? - Business Mirror 12 August 2018
    Business MirrorMore of work-life balance: How can I embrace happiness?Business MirrorDear PR Matters,. I enjoyed your columns on work-life balance and learned so much how important it is. Those working in companies that have work-life balance programs are very lucky indeed as these can lead one to become better professionals and better ...
  • Jeff Bezos doesn't like the idea of 'work-life balance' — here's what he swears by instead - CNBC 9 August 2018
    CNBCJeff Bezos doesn't like the idea of 'work-life balance' — here's what he swears by insteadCNBCIt seems everyone is seeking work-life balance these days, and many leaders have preached its importance. But not Jeff Bezos. The Amazon CEO and the world's richest person lives by a different concept. In fact, he called the term "work-life […]
  • Are you an integrator or a segmentor? Knowing the answer can help with work-life balance - Quartz 8 August 2018
    QuartzAre you an integrator or a segmentor? Knowing the answer can help with work-life balanceQuartzAs technology consumes our lives, nudging us to respond to Slack messages at midnight and email pings on weekends, the concept of “work-life balance” increasingly feels like a myth, created to tease fresh college grads, torture parents, and plague us ...
  • Work-life balance not Holy Grail - 8 August 2018 balance not Holy'd think work-life balance was the Holy Grail. People still talk about it in hushed whispers. It's always on the list at wellbeing conferences. People who sign on for coaching frequently name it as their no. 1 goal. It's still seen as the best ...

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  • Herding Cats: A Simple Method for Working with the Disorder of Our Lives 14 August 2018
    By Leo Babauta When we’re trying to change our habits and our lives, even if you have some success, you’ll notice two longer-term difficulties: Habit efforts get sidetracked, you are constantly in a state of transition, things are always in flux, and it can all feel completely out of control. What you really want is […]
  • The Practice of Vast Open Sky 8 August 2018
    Body like a mountain Breath like the wind Mind like the sky ~Tibetan Meditation Instruction By Leo Babauta A number of meditation traditions have practices that are a dropping of the ego into wide open awareness. I’d like to share this kind of practice with you, because it is one of the most powerful experiences […]
  • A Challenge: Create a Daily Reading Habit 4 August 2018
    By Leo Babauta As I went through last month’s decluttering challenge, I realized I had a bunch of books I want to read, but that I don’t actually set aside time to read them. A lot of aspirational clutter is like that: we have outdoor equipment, things for hobbies, clutter from different projects we hope […]
  • 8 Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life 2 August 2018
    By Leo Babauta For the last dozen years, I’ve been living a (relatively) simple life. At times, the complexity of my life grows, and I renew my commitment to living simply. Living a simple life is about paring back, so that you have space to breathe. It’s about doing with less, because you realize that […]
  • The Three Most Powerful Motivations 26 July 2018
    By Leo Babauta We all have times when we’re not sticking to our plans, not feeling psyched about what we’re supposed to be doing, and when we know we just need to get some motivation to get moving. The usual motivational tips aren’t always very helpful. But there are three motivations that I’ve found to […]
  • How to Thrive in the Midst of Personal Turbulence 19 July 2018
    By Leo Babauta Two people wrote to me recently (a stranger and a good friend) who are going through some pretty turbulent times in their lives. The stranger is going through family chaos and health issues, just barely keeping their head above water, just trying to survive. The good friend is going through a time […]
  • Simplicity as Spiritual Practice: Declutter for Deep Personal Growth 13 July 2018
    By Leo Babauta When we begin to declutter our lives, often it’s because we long for some kind of peace, some space, some relief from the chaos … or perhaps it’s to start to lead a more intentional, beautiful life. But something magical happens when we dive into the decluttering process. We start to learn […]
  • The Stories That Stop Us From Being Present & Taking Action 10 July 2018
    Most of us have spent our lives caught up in plans, expectations, ambitions for the future; in regrets, guilt or shame about the past. To come into the present is to stop the war.” ~Jack Kornfield By Leo Babauta I get emails all the time from people who are struggling with very common difficulties: Wanting […]
  • A Guide to Letting Go of Shame & Fear 6 July 2018
    By Leo Babauta Many of us are so often in a state of shame or fear that we often don’t realize they’re even there. Shame and fear pervade most of our lives to an extent rarely understood, so that our days revolve around them. Some examples of shame and fear that are fairly common: We […]
  • The Declutter Your Space Challenge 4 July 2018
    By Leo Babauta Our lives get filled with clutter not instantly but slowly, one gift or purchase at a time, so slowly that it’s difficult to even notice the clutter creep happening. But it does happen, even to the most devoted of minimalists. If we’re not ever vigilant, clutter rises like a slow never-ebbing tide. […]

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  • Coach George Raveling — A Legend on Sports, Business, and The Great Game of Life (#332) 9 August 2018
    “I’ve always had this theory that, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll always get what you want.” — George Raveling Coach George Raveling (@GeorgeRaveling) is an 80-year-old living legend and Nike’s former Director of International Basketball. Coach Raveling was the first African American head basketball coach in the PAC-8 (now PAC-12), […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Ann Miura-Ko — The Path from Shyness to World-Class Debater and Investor (#331) 2 August 2018
    “The main difference was that I was willing to outwork and outdo every competitor who walked in through that door.” — Ann Miura-Ko Ann Miura-Ko (@annimaniac) has been called “the most powerful woman in startups” by Forbes and is a lecturer in entrepreneurship at Stanford. The child of a rocket scientist at NASA, Ann is a […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • The Return of Drunk Dialing Q&A: How to Ask Better Questions, Take Better Risks, and More! (#330) 30 July 2018
    This episode is a rare exception to the rule — unlike my usual long-form interviews, this is a drunk-dialing Q&A with you guys, which I’ve done a few times in the last few years, including for the celebration of the 100th episode of this podcast. In preparation for this episode, I solicited phone numbers from listeners who […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Jason Fried — How to Live Life on Your Own Terms (#329) 23 July 2018
    “I’m pretty oblivious to a lot of things intentionally. I don’t want to be influenced that much.” — Jason Fried Jason Fried (@jasonfried) is the co-founder and CEO at Basecamp, and the co-author of Rework, Remote: Office Not Required, and Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application. The upcoming […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • How to Say “No” Gracefully and Uncommit (#328) 19 July 2018
    “People are effective because they say no.” — Peter Drucker This episode of The Tim Ferriss Show showcases two chapters from Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown (@GregoryMcKeown), one of my favorite books of the past few years. The first chapter explains how to say “no” gracefully (and why most of us have trouble […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Aisha Tyler — How to Use Pain, Comedy, and Practice for Creativity (#327) 16 July 2018
    “You can’t own results. You can only own initiative.” – Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler (@aishatyler on Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo) is an award-winning director, actor, comedian, bestselling author, podcaster, and activist. She’s amazing. If you enjoyed my episodes with Brandon Stanton, Debbie Millman, or Adam Robinson, among others, you will love this one. Whether you do […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, and How to Scale to 100M+ Users (#326) 11 July 2018
    “In order to scale, you have to do things that don’t scale.” — Reid Hoffman This episode is a showcase from Masters of Scale, one of the few podcasts I recommend repeatedly to entrepreneurs. It’s a conversation between LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) and Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky (@bchesky), and it focuses on how you […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Lessons from Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, and Other Icons (#325) 5 July 2018
    “If you only master yourself and you don’t help anyone else, we’d call you happy, but nobody would define you as successful.” – Derek Sivers This particular episode of The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour explores success, which can be a slippery and dangerous term. The particular guests selected for this episode represent not only achievement, but […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • How to Undertake the Artist’s Journey 5 July 2018
    Note from the editor: The following is a guest post by Steven Pressfield (@spressfield), the best-selling author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire, The Afghan Campaign, and The Lion’s Gate, as well as the cult classics on creativity, The War of Art, Turning Pro, and Do the Work. His Wednesday column on […]
    Tim Ferriss
  • Cal Fussman Corners Tim Ferriss (#324) 30 June 2018
    “All the pieces are coming together here!” — Cal Fussman I’ve interviewed legendary storyteller Cal Fussman (@calfussman) on this show before (here and here), but this time the roles are reversed, and he interviews me! If you are not yet familiar with Cal, he is a New York Times bestselling author and a writer-at-large for […]
    Tim Ferriss

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