75 Digital Marketing RSS Feeds For You To Subscribe To

Looking for a few good marketing RSS feeds for your reader? Look no further– we’ve got 75 of the juiciest feeds from the some of best marketing blogs right here.  This massive list of digital marketing resources was compiled by the good people of Unbounce.

All-in-One Marketing Blogs

Unbounce has been around since 2009, empowering marketers to quickly build, publish & A/B test without I.T. bottlenecks.
Unbounce has been around since 2009, empowering marketers to quickly build, publish & A/B test without I.T. bottlenecks.

Some of our most favorite blogs on online marketing have a little bit of everything.  Even the people over at Unbounce know what we’re talking about. Here are some of the top digital marketing blogs that have .

  1. HubSpot (RSS)
  2. BlueGlass (RSS)
  3. KISSmetrics (RSS)
  4. MarketingLand (RSS)
  5. Chris Brogan (RSS)
  6. Copyblogger (RSS)
  7. Quick Sprout (RSS)
  8. Eloqua (RSS)
  9. Marketing Pilgrim (RSS)
  10. TopRank (RSS)
  11. Marketing Experiments (RSS)
  12. Duct Tape Marketing (RSS)
  13. Unbounce (RSS)

Conversion Rate Optimization

Here are 6 sites you might want to follow if you’d like to read up more on the subject of conversion rate optimization, but also with useful servings of A/B testing, website design, user experience, landing page optimization, and website optimization.

  1. Wider Funnel (RSS)
  2. FutureNow (RSS)
  3. PostClick Marketing (RSS)
  4. The Daily Egg (RSS)
  5. Visual Website Optimizer Blog (RSS)
  6. Smashing Magazine (RSS)

Content Marketing

Content Marketing 800x800pxUnbounce recommends these three sites for us to check out on the subject matter of Content Marketing.  Lots of tips on uration, marketing, publishing, and strategy, as well as case studies and other useful tools.

  1. Content Marketing on MarketingProfs (RSS)
  2. Content Marketing Institute (RSS)
  3. Junta42 (RSS)

Email Marketing

Learn to do email marketing right by checking out some of these great email marketing blogs.

  1. Email Marketing on ClickZ (RSS)
  2. Listrak (RSS)
  3. Vertical Response (RSS)
  4. Benchmark (RSS)
  5. MailChimp (RSS)
  6. Aweber (RSS)

Paid Search

Unbounce’s Kristi Hines couldn’t have said it better.

PPC is hard. Just throwing cash at it won’t make it rain. Subscribe to these feeds and learn something. And don’t feel guilty about blowing that free $50 AdWords coupon, we’ve all done it.

  1. PPC on Search Engine Watch (RSS)
  2. SEM Geek (RSS)
  3. WordStream (RSS)
  4. PPC Hero (RSS)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization 800x800pxAs opposed to paid search, SEO is more viable long-term approach to generating organic interest for your blog or your website. For subject matters pertaining to keyword research, link building, link management, content strategy, and the latest in SEO news, check out these favorite sites of ours.

  1. Search Engine Land (RSS)
  2. SEOmoz (RSS)
  3. YouMoz (RSS)
  4. Search on ClickZ (RSS)
  5. Search Engine Marketing on MarketingProfs (RSS)
  6. SEO on Search Engine Watch (RSS)
  7. Search Engine Roundtable (RSS)
  8. Search Engine People (RSS)
  9. Wordtracker Academy (RSS)
  10. SEOgadget (RSS)
  11. SEER Interactive (RSS)
  12. Vertical Measures (RSS)
  13. SEO Book (RSS)


One of the more awesome things about digital marketing is that it’s measurable (for the most part), at least in more ways compared to traditional mass media marketing. Analytics are a fairly specialized field for digital marketing professionals. If you’d like to know more about what those numbers mean, you may want to check out these websites.

  1. Analytics on ClickZ (RSS)
  2. Analytics on Search Engine Watch (RSS)
  3. Google Analytics Blog (RSS)


Wanna know how to build a better blog?  These sites publish a little bit of everything you need to know on generating traffic, smarter blog design, blogging tools, blog marketing, podcasting, and AdSense, and even making money out of your blog.

  1. ProBlogger (RSS)
  2. BlogWorld (RSS)
  3. Think Traffic (RSS)
  4. Build a Better Blog (RSS)
  5. Fuel Your Blogging (RSS)
  6. How to Make My Blog (RSS)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 800x800pxSo many channels, yet so little time? Quite possibly the hottest digital marketing topic is social media. Here are several sites to help you keep up with the latest developments on community management, social integration, social network news and updates, including a lot of case studies, expert interviews, how to’s, research, reviews, tools, and videos.

  1. Social Media on TechCrunch (RSS)
  2. Social Media on Mashable (RSS)
  3. Social on ClickZ (RSS)
  4. Social Media Examiner (RSS)
  5. Social Media Explorer (RSS)
  6. Mari Smith (RSS)
  7. Social on VentureBeat (RSS)
  8. Social Media on TNW (RSS)
  9. Social Fresh (RSS)
  10. Social Times (RSS)
  11. Social Media on MarketingProfs (RSS)
  12. Social on Search Engine Watch (RSS)
  13. Brian Solis (RSS)
  14. Convince and Convert (RSS)
  15. WindMill Networking (RSS)
  16. Sprout Social (RSS)

Twitter Marketing

All the kids are on Twitter. That means your brand probably has to be on Twitter too. Here are three sites that have even more specialized tips and tricks for Twitter marketing.

  1. Tweet Smarter (RSS)
  2. The Official Twitter Blog (RSS)
  3. All Twitter (RSS)

Facebook Marketing

For more specialized information on Facebook marketing, here are a couple of blogs specifically on all things Facebook, including stuff on Facebook apps and news.

  1. All Facebook (RSS)
  2. Inside Facebook (RSS)

Parting Words

We know you’ve been doing a lot of RSS feed-hunting yourself, so are there any internet marketing blogs worth checking out other than what’s already on this list?  Do let us know by leaving a comment below!

(This list compiled by Kristi Hines for Unbounce.)

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