Billionaires Could Solve The World’s Biggest Problems– Here’s How

Globally, society is facing massive problems that seem impossible to mend. Issues like rapidly rising credit card debt, insurmountable healthcare costs, and unaffordable real estate all lack the collective capital needed to solve themselves.

Meanwhile, the income gap continues to widen while society’s richest continue to accumulate wealth at a staggering pace. For reference, Warren Buffet rakes in $37 million daily. Of course, money can’t solve every problem — but where lack of money is the issue, a boost in capital is usually the solution. Since average citizens lack the time and money to tackle these large-scale issues, we wanted to measure whether the world’s richest had the funds to alleviate or even eliminate some of these problems.

By calculating the average billionaire’s net worth, Self Lender crunched the numbers in this infographic to see if billionaires have the resources to end some of society’s biggest problems.

Key Takeaways

With the success of many new entrepreneurial ventures, there’s a pretty good chance many of you (many of us!) may become more financially fortunate.

If and when that does happen, remember that you can use your massive net worth to do some tangible good as well.

Some of the world’s richest have already dedicated a part of their earnings towards more philanthropic ventures, doing what they can to alleviate debt and improve living and working conditions in their own immediate spheres of influence. The generosity of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and George Soros are well known and well-documented, hoping to serve as an example to us later in life.

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