How To Be an Industry Disruptor: What We Can Learn From Transportation Startups

These days it seems like Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare services are everywhere, not to mention the new scooter rideshares like Bird that people joke are taking over major cities.

These new services are what many call industry disruptors because they force an entire industry to change, like taxi services or even movie rentals with Netflix. With the case of Lyft and Uber, these have also impacted total car sales, with vehicle sales slowly declined over the years.

Though people will still own cars, industry disruptors are changing how people think about them, which makes for a fascinating case study on industry disruptors around the world.

In the following infographic, we break down startups on the rise like Bird and Waymo and who they are all impacting as industry disruptors. We even break down total funding from major corporations like Ford to show just how these industries have to adapt and think on their feet to survive. For example, both Ford and GM backed Lyft, which in total has received $4.9 billion in funding.

So while it may seem vehicle ownership is declining, it’s interesting to see how major corporations work to stay in the industry when changes come their way by funding and backing new ideas. As we’ve seen with taxis, it’s the only way to adapt!

“Becoming an Industry Disruptor: Learning from Transportation Startups”, an infographic from The Zebra.

(Source: The Zebra)

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