How To Survive Life as a Freelancer

Life as a freelancer.

When someone tells you they work from home, are you jealous of their supervisor-less lifestyle, or do you pity their lack of 9-5 cushiness? Do you mourn for days that could be spent sipping mai-tais, or do you take solace knowing your dental insurance covers those would-be cavities?

With the world relying so heavily on the Internet as its marketplace, more and more people are turning to working from home, or being “freelancers.” While many naysayers out there might conflate the idea of “freelancer” with the idea of a “freeloader”, the truth is that clearing your life of workplace hassles and the associated stresses can often help you to lead a more efficient, happier, and sometimes healthier life.

In fact, by 2027, over one half of the American workforce will be freelancers. With the Internet facilitating so much of our global commerce and interpersonal relationships, the physical workplace is becoming more and more obsolete.

Depending on its nature, a business can often be run from a single laptop, and you don’t have to submit a resume to buy one.

However, those who make the jump sometimes don’t survive the fall. There will be a variety of new challenges you face as you make the transition to freelance work. Often the stresses of managing your own schedule, paying both personal and professional expenses, suffering from writer’s block, or design slumps are simply far too great to overcome.

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate these problems that come with starting your own business, and it all starts with proper goals and practical expectations.

To learn more about what to expect as a freelancer, check out this infographic by Fundera.

“How To Survive as a Freelancer”, an infographic by Fundera Ledger.

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