Some of the Best Free SEO Tools Recommended by Neil Patel

When it comes to SEO, Neil Patel is the man. He covers a good number of topics, including some of the best free SEO tools for small businesses.

In fact, we here at Big Country Marketing are avid viewers of his digital marketing videos on YouTube. (Yes, we’re big fans!) 

Search engine optimization is a lot of work, which is why there’s a whole ton of tools out there. As you might expect, the very best ones are premium services– which you can probably use when you’re handling a more established brand, or if you have some serious marketing budget allotted for your online promotion efforts.

Of course, nothing beat free! For startups and small businesses, we’re not quite there yet budget-wise, so we’re always on the lookout for good free tools for SEO. 

Free SEO Tools Recommended by Neil Patel

The Best Free SEO Tools For Beginners

Here are six SEO tools for beginners, and what Neil has to say about each one. Links to each SEO tool also found with each item.

In this video, Neil actually mentions seven services: Moz, UberSuggest, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, Google Trends, and Answer The Public.

Of these seven, Moz, BuzzSumo and Ahrefs are premium services, but Moz has a good number of free-to-use tools, and you can use BuzzSumo in a somewhat limited capacity for free.

The rest are totally free to use.

1. Moz

Some of the best free SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel | (Official Moz website:

Moz does have a number of free tools available, such as its Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, and other great stuff for Local SEO. The Pro version obviously has a lot more to offer and is really worth the investment if you have the budget for it.

Neil says:

Moz is a really simple and easy-to-use SEO tool– especially for beginners– that has a really pretty and nice user interface in which when you add your website it’ll show you all of the errors.

Those errors will be your on-page errors: do you have duplicate content, or are your title tags messed up? Whatever it may be, Moz will monitor your website and notify you when there (are) problems. And they’ll even tell you which ones are urgent that you should be fixing first and which ones aren’t as important.

2. UberSuggest

UberSuggest | Some of the best free SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel |

(Official UberSuggest website:

UberSuggest is one of the most handy keyword research tools around today, and is available on Neil Patel’s very own website. It’s completely free to use.

Neil says:

What UberSuggest allows you to do is find more keywords to go after. The thing with SEO is you need more keywords; the more keywords you’re targeting, the more potential traffic you can get.

You’ll find that you already ranked for certain keywords over time, or you’re going to rank for certain keywords over time.

As you find out what keywords you’re ranking for– what’s driving you traffic– you should put those keywords into UberSuggest. It’ll show you all the long-tail variations of those keywords.

For example: I rank for “digital marketing” on page 1 of Google. By putting in “digital marketing” into UberSuggest, it will show me all the other similar terms to digital marketing.

And because I rank for the head term, UberSuggest is providing me the long-tail terms these are three-, four-, five-word phrases.

By integrating these three-, four-, five-word phrases onto my content– that web page that already ranks for digital marketing– I’ll find that I’ll quickly start ranking for all the long-tail terms within 30 days.

To do this, you need to take those keywords that are relevant to your article and integrate them in. Sometimes you can just add in those keywords, other times you’ll have to expand upon your content to make it flow and make all sense.

Don’t just add keywords just for the sake of it– it has to flow with your article or webpage that you’re doing this with.

3. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo | Some of the best SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel |

(Official BuzzSumo website:

BuzzSumo is a premium service, we know, but we’re including this here because you can (sorta) use it for free and generate a limited number of list items. Of course, the paid version will unlock all these other cool functions.

Neil says:

When you’re trying to figure out what content to write on, the last thing you want to do is write content that no one wants to read.

But here’s the cool part about BuzzSumo: there’s already a lot of content within your space. Type in keywords within your space and BuzzSumo will show you all the popular articles that have done well.

You want to take this not to copy those articles but instead to give you ideas of what people like, versus what they don’t.

BuzzSumo bases this on social shares, so you know if you create content that’s similar to this, you’ll do well on the social web– that’s like on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.– you get the point.

That’s why when you want to use BuzzSumo because the last thing you wanna do is write content that no one wants to read.

(Official BuzzSumo website:

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere | Some of the best free SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel |

(Official Keywords Everywhere website:

Keywords Everywhere is a very useful browser extension that works for both Chrome and Firefox. Just download and install. Don’t forget to get an API key though (it’s for free)– you’re going to need it for the extension to work.

Neil says:

Keywords Everywhere is a free Chrome extension in which when you perform searches on Google, it’ll show you other related keywords, as well as the search volume for all these phrases.

So when you’re just doing some Google searches at least you’ll find more keywords that you could be going after.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends | Some of the best free SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel |

(Official Google Trends website:

Google has a ton of free tools specifically for SEO– after all, all they really want is for startups and small businesses to succeed at search engine marketing. Google Trends is one such tool

Neil says:

Google has continually pushed brands more than anything else over the last year.

You want to build a brand. The reason you want to use Google Trends is it’ll show you how well your brand is doing over time.

You go to Google Trends, you type in your name versus a competitor, and it’ll show you which brand is bigger. You want (your brand) to continually grow over time.

And a great way to make it grow is by leveraging the omni-channel approach. That’s doing things like content marketing, using tools like Buzzsumo which we talked about. 

Doing things like updating your content, going after more phrases so more people can find you over time. You can do that by using tools like UberSuggest, which again we talked about.

But the cool part about Google Trends is it tracks your brands, not just over time, but it shows you how your brand is doing in different regions and countries.

This is huge if you’re not a global company– that way, you can see which regions are areas you need to improve upon the most.

6. Answer The Public

Answer The Public | Some of the best free SEO tools for startups and small businesses as recommended by digital marketing expert Neil Patel |

(Official Answer The Public website:

Answer the Public is one of the best new keyword research tools we’ve seen as it helps you uncover all these great long-tail and question-form keywords.

Neil says:

When people are searching Google, a lot of times they’re asking Google questions. You want to make sure you’re at the top for all of those questions.

You know that site Quora? Quora gets so much traffic because all it does just answer popular questions. Why can’t you answer these questions on your own website?

Answer The Public’s like: if you put in a keyword such as marketing it’ll show you all the questions related to marketing.

Now you can update your website to cover all these questions that people are searching for so you can get the most amount of traffic from Google.


You can find the original video “The Best SEO Tools for Beginners” on Neil’s YouTube channel. You can download a PDF transcript of the video here, and you can also listen to the audio version below:

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