Storytelling Helps Brands Sell More Products

Good storytelling connects with consumers. That’s what a study by Origin and Hill Holliday seems to be putting forward in this handy little infographic published in AdWeek.

Origin created a series of experiments in which consumers were shown items paired with– in one case– standard descriptions or– in another test group– more detailed stories, which included user reviews, creator bios, and for purposes of our study, little bits of fiction.

Infographic - How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products

The results were clear: perceived value increases when items are paired with more narrative than standard description.

“There’s plenty of popular demand for good stories, if binge-watching, binge-listening, and binge-reading statistics are an indicator,” explained Ilya Vedrashko, SVP and Director of Research at Hill Holliday’s consumer research arm, Origin.

It’s no secret that storytelling is a key tool for brands and marketers that want to connect with consumers—and boost sales. “Stories move not only people, but they also move product.”

“Every time the product that had a story pulled in more money than the same product without one,” said Vedrashko. “That’s a lift on no additional investment.”

(View the original post on AdWeek.)

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