The 11 Types of Difficult Customers (And How To Handle Them!)

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The way a business markets itself really influences customers and their relationship to that business. Marketing goes beyond just advertising, press releases, and other forms of mass communication – it also includes day-to-day interactions a customer has with the business in all sorts of environments. Everything comes together to shape what the business represents in a customer’s mind, and if a customer is convinced that this business is worth staying loyal to, they may put in a lot of work to actively maintain the relationship between them and the business.

Some customers are more difficult to forge this relationship with, whether it’s because of ideological differences, personality differences, or any number of other issues. Sometimes, it’s out of the control of the business what these factors are. However, direct interactions with difficult customers can be managed in a way that leaves them with a favorable opinion of the business.

We All Have To Deal With Difficult Customers

Dealing with difficult customers is a learned skill that can take a decent amount of time to really finesse. It requires a person to understand what the customer really needs, even if they don’t say it outright.

As a starting point, Fundera has created this infographic depicting 11 types of difficult customers. It includes their traits and tendencies, and describes some ways to get information across to them in a way that is productive, efficient, and effective for each type of customer. It’s fun, memorable, and easy to share with a team. It covers a wide range of personalities that could broadly describe many different customers a business has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

This infographic can truly help turn some of the most difficult customers to some of the best ones.

The 11 Types of Difficult Customers, an infographic from the good people of Fundera.
The 11 Types of Difficult Customers, an infographic from the good people of Fundera.

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