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  • The Future of Events Is Definitely Hybrid: What Will They Look Like? 7 July 2020
    There is one question on the minds of event professionals looking at getting back to live events, what will hybrid look like? Here is a potential scenario. 62% of event planners say that the future of events is hybrid. When we asked the direct question in our latest report, The Virtual Event Tech Guide, the […]
    Julius Solaris
  • Virtual Event Platform Comparison: The Best for 2020 6 July 2020
    Finding the best virtual event platform is the most common problem event planners have today. We looked at the 94 best virtual event platforms in 2020 to bring you a comparison of how they stack up. If you want to quickly skim through some of the most popular online event platforms, use the filters below. […]
    EventMB Studio Team
  • EventMB and SpotMe Partner Up to Bring You Better Virtual Events 3 July 2020
    EventMB and SpotMe partnered up to bring you better virtual experiences for the remainder of the year. EventMB has been at the forefront of the virtual event revolution. Since February, over 25,000 event professionals have attended our events. As we grow tired of content being thrown at us, we expect more from virtual experiences. We […]
    Julius Solaris
  • 6 Ways to Prepare for Queueing at Post-Lockdown Live Events 2 July 2020
    As physical events slowly resume, there will be a lot of trial and error involved in their organization. Social distancing is the one proven method of risk mitigation, so points of congregation are a concern. Here's how to prepare for unavoidable queueing at events. Physical events present countless challenges for both planners and venues in […]
    Victoria Copans
  • The Virtual Event Tech Guide 2020 [Free Report] 1 July 2020
    Covid-19 has changed the event tech landscape forever. Until 2020, a trend of event tech mergers and acquisitions saw the rise of monolithic one-stop shops and the event tech industry became harder and harder to penetrate. Now, virtual events have created a new vertical, and the horizon is filled with new players. Large, inflexible platforms […]
    EventMB Studio Team
  • Event Technology As We Know It Is Over: Here’s What’s Next 30 June 2020
    Eventtech never kept its promise to change events forever. Now that events are only happening online, we are witnessing a seismic market shake-up. What does the future look like?  Five years ago, Johnny Boufarhat had a severe reaction to a medication he was taking. It got so bad, he was forced to stay home for […]
    Julius Solaris
  • Event Planners Expect a 4th Quarter Comeback — Is It Realistic? 29 June 2020
    As countries slowly reopen and, for some, allow large live events again, a majority of event planners foresee going back to business in the fourth quarter 2020 or early 2021. Is this a realistic approach? Right now, two conflicting forces are in effect: the push to reopen economies worldwide and the fear of a resurgence […]
    Veronique Colombani
  • Would You Sign a Liability Waiver to Attend an Event? 25 June 2020
    Trump’s Tulsa rally waivers expose another pitfall in the return to live events: liability. Who is liable for inevitable new cases? Will attendees accept the risk when it’s scribbled into a legal waiver? Recent research from DYNATA says no. Here’s our take. When it comes to the coronavirus-related risk of hosting an event, the evolving […]
    Dylan Monorchio
  • What Events Are Going Ahead Despite the Pandemic? 25 June 2020
    A growing number of countries are reauthorizing large professional events including trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and congresses. Here is a list of events moving forward in the third and fourth quarter of 2020, and early 2021.   Countries and states are reopening and some areas, recognizing the importance of large professional events to the global […]
    Veronique Colombani
  • Event Tech Aventri Will Deploy New Funding to Drive Innovations in Virtual Events 24 June 2020
    Aventri closes a successful round of strategic fundraising to expand its virtual and hybrid event offering, proving that even event tech giants are nimble enough to pivot in response to Covid-19. In an industry still nursing the deep cuts of Covid-19’s disastrous economic impact, event professionals have turned to technology as the sole risk-free recourse […]
    Dylan Monorchio

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  • 11 Actionable Virtual Event Marketing Ideas 6 July 2020
    In the COVID-19 era, it becomes increasingly important to discuss the ins and outs of virtual events. And so far, we’ve been going at it hard here at Endless. We’ve...
    Mariana Fernandes
  • What It Takes To Plan An Event In A Post-Pandemic World 3 July 2020
    🔥 The Best of the Best: What Comes Next: Post-Pandemic Events: The Contactless Way Sponsorship Series Pt. 2: 28 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas! ✨ Worried you might be missing something while planning...
    Sarah Christl
  • CDC Guidelines For Events 2 July 2020
    It’s time to talk about safety – and that means CDC guidelines for events. Because in a world where COVID-19 is still present, planners need to start getting up to...
    Nick Borelli
  • Food Waste In The Events Industry: Solving The Issue 30 June 2020
    Over the past year, sustainability has become top of mind for planners. And the events industry as a whole has doubled down on efforts to become greener. It’s up to...
    Sarah Christl
  • Post-Pandemic Events: The Contactless Way 29 June 2020
    Post-pandemic events: what will they look like? Well, amidst the backdrop of COVID-19 fears and the spread of it, mega-events such as the 2020 Olympics, F8 for Facebook, Ceraweek, Zoom,...
    Tanishq Agarwal
  • The Ultimate Hacks For Successful Virtual Event Speakers 26 June 2020
    🔥 The Best of the Best: Engaging Your Audience: Virtual Event Speakers – The Ultimate Hacks For Success Anatomy Of Virtual Events: Virtual Breakout Rooms: Different Types & How They Work ✨...
    Sarah Christl
  • 28 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas! 24 June 2020
    Finding a virtual event sponsorship idea that suits you can seem hard at first. And many people might even think it’s absolutely impossible to make it happen! But as we...
    Will Curran
  • Connect With Your Inner Storyteller When Planning Virtual Events! 19 June 2020
    🔥 The Best of the Best: Telling Stories: Back To The Basics – Storytelling For Virtual Events Spice It Up: Unique & Exciting Virtual Trade Show Ideas ✨ Speaking of virtual trade...
    Sarah Christl
  • Virtual Event Speakers: The Ultimate Hacks For Success 19 June 2020
    If you’re currently reading this, chances are you fit into one of two categories. You’re either a planner eager to learn how you can set your virtual speaker up for...
    Mariana Fernandes
  • GBAC STAR Accreditation: A New Standard For The Industry 18 June 2020
    This week’s Event Brew will take you on a journey through the GBAC STAR Accreditation. So, are you confused yet? It does sound like a mouthful, but in the COVID-19...
    Thuy Diep