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  • Steve Barker: the 'anti-John Peel' sidelined by the BBC after 43 years 14 July 2020
    The 72-year-old DJ has been beaming leftfield music – plus interviews with Bono, Morrissey and more – into Lancashire since 1977, but drastic local radio cuts have ‘left us to drown’Not many people casually call themselves “Zelig-like”. But then not many people can say they were at Bob Dylan’s “Judas!” Manchester Free Trade Hall show […]
    Joe Muggs
  • The week in audio: Times Radio; Newsbeat: 100 Days of Lockdown – review 4 July 2020
    The Times takes to the airwaves, but a lack of listeners prevents it from reaching Newsbeat levels of richnessTimes Radio | 100 Days of Lockdown (BBC Radio 1/1 Xtra/Asian Network) | BBC SoundsTimes Radio started last week to not very much fanfare, mostly because its potential listeners are busy trying to work out whether […]
    Miranda Sawyer
  • One in six jobs to go as BBC cuts 450 staff from regional programmes 2 July 2020
    Well-known local presenters to lose jobs and concerns raised about news qualityThe BBC is to make 450 staff working on its regional programmes in England redundant as part of cost-cutting measures which will see many well-known local television and radio presenters lose their jobs.The corporation also announced Inside Out, the award-winning regional current affairs strand […]
    Jim Waterson Media editor
  • Rupert's radio: can Murdoch's Times Radio compete with the BBC? 29 June 2020
    Hatched to rival Radio 4, the new station is closer in tone to 5 live or LBC – and a slow start means it still has much to proveTimes Radio – which launched today at 6am as a daily audio version of Rupert Murdoch’s highest-brow newspaper – had the coup of securing Boris Johnson’s first […]
    Mark Lawson
  • Boris Johnson bats back gentle lobs on Times Radio's tame debut | John Crace 29 June 2020
    Under presenters’ soft probing, PM shrugs off austerity and promises plenty more plentyCall it a win-win. That’s if your smart speakers hadn’t shunted you off to a station in Malawi. Times Radio was looking for a big name to kick off the first show of its first day broadcasting, and interviews don’t come much bigger […]
    John Crace
  • Times Radio launches with Boris Johnson and Malawi mix-up 29 June 2020
    News UK station’s unveiling disrupted as smart speakers direct to outlet in MalawiTimes Radio launched with a large budget, high-profile presenters and an exclusive interview with Boris Johnson.Unfortunately, the new national speech radio station from Rupert Murdoch’s News UK had not banked on its big unveiling being disrupted by an outlet with a similar name […]
    Jim Waterson Media editor
  • Talking the talk: how speech radio brings culture wars to the airwaves 28 June 2020
    Tomorrow a new Murdoch broadcast outlet will bid to make its voice heard. How will it fare amid the cacophony of phone-ins and belligerent presenters on our airwaves?Halfway through tearing up a copy of the Guardian on air for the fourth time in recent weeks, talkRadio presenter Mike Graham looked at the camera in his […]
    Jim Waterson
  • Maya Jama: 'I shouldn't be where I am now' 17 June 2020
    A jailed father, a murdered boyfriend: the DJ turned TV presenter has had some hard knocks in her 25 years. She talks about her determination to overcome them.Maya Jama speaks at twice the speed of most people, as if she is on fast-forward, as if her life moves at a faster pace than normal. It […]
    Emine Saner
  • Leave means leave, Nigel! Now Farage is out, will LBC stop hiring toxic blowhards? 12 June 2020
    The Brexiter was shown the door after comparing Black Lives Matter protesters to the Taliban. But he’s far from the radio station’s only problemIt’s Tina I feel sorry for. This week she rang LBC’s breakfast show to tell host Nick Ferrari what toppling statues of racist Britons means to her as a British woman of […]
    Stuart Jeffries
  • Capital Xtra presenters criticise firm's response to Black Lives Matter 8 June 2020
    Yinka Bokinni and Shayna Marie Birch-Campbell ‘embarrassed’ by Global RadioThe highest-profile presenters on the UK’s biggest black music radio station have accused their own parent company of failing when it comes to responding to the Black Lives Matter movement.Capital Xtra breakfast show hosts Yinka Bokinni and Shayna Marie Birch-Campbell said they were “embarrassed” by statements […]
    Jim Waterson Media editor

RSS From Radio Ink

  • Marketing in Tough Economic Times 13 July 2020
    (By Charlie Sislen) In our lifetimes, it has never been harder to get advertisers to spend on marketing and advertising. My last column spoke about how advertisers need to tailor their message in today’s environment.
  • Which is More Successful: Content or Character Shows? 13 July 2020
    (Randy Lane) As a talent coach, I’m often asked, “What are the key ingredients for a great radio show?” The short answer is sticky content, HD characters, and excellent execution.
    Randy Lane
  • Consistent Messaging Wins 13 July 2020
    (By Loyd Ford) We've all become aware that trust in government and media is at an all-time low.  Right now you’ve certainly become tuned-up that we live in the age of COVID-19 and the remaining trust involved in both of government and media is being further destroyed. 
    Loyd Ford
  • Cost Per What? 13 July 2020
    (By Bob McCurdy) I was walking with my granddaughter in a park the other day when she said, “Look Pop Pop, I just found a penny. Let’s go to the store and buy something.” I had to explain to her that I wasn’t sure anything can be bought for a penny but let’s keep looking […]
    Bob McCurdy
  • Are You Prepared For Your Reopening? 7 July 2020
    (By Laurie Kahn) As we see many states starting to discuss reopening for business, radio owners and operators also need to know how. While uncertainty is still a daily concern, there are many things that can be done now. 
    Radio Ink
  • How Radio Is Needed Now 7 July 2020
    (By Eric Rhoads) Yesterday morning, as I read an article by Jay Meyers on LinkedIn, I realized what he was pointing out: the importance of radio’s being ready for the next phases of the resurgence of the coronavirus.
    Eric Rhoads
  • The Best Ways To Handle A Crisis In 2020 6 July 2020
    (By Loyd Ford) We all know that this is a “special” year, but in radio every year can have a crisis or two. Tuning up your crisis management is never a bad idea. So how do you handle a crisis in 2020?
    Loyd Ford
  • What Got Us Here Won’t Keep Us Here 5 July 2020
    (By Bob McCurdy) I have been retired for two and a half months now and have had some time for reflection. I still stay on top of the various trades so I have not been totally out of touch in pursuit of relic status.
    Bob McCurdy
  • Vaccine Can Reverse Local Dollar Chase 4 July 2020
    (Yaman Coskun) This was my closing statement at the end of our national Creative Vaccine event hosted by the RAB recently. It was attended by hundreds of sellers, managers and programmers. I felt compelled to share it with those who could not attend....
    Radio Ink
  • My Conversation With Phil Dowse 3 July 2020
    (By Buzz Knight) On this final edition of our series “The Future of Audio” we check in with one of the leading international Radio Consultants Phil Dowse.
    Buzz Knight

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