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  • The Best Way To Maximize Your Traffic From Native Advertising 3 April 2017
    Not sure how much to start bidding on your campaigns? We asked some professional media buyers how they maximize their native advertising traffic, and here’s what they said. Most media buyers start each campaign with a bid that is slightly higher than their target bid. As soon as traffic begins to flow, they slowly lower […]
    Jeremy Saunders
  • How To Setup Voluum To Track Campaign Conversions For CPA Offers 28 March 2017
    Voluum is the easiest platform to manage campaigns with accurate statistics that are updated in real-time. It provides data with the lowest conversion discrepancies in comparison to other platforms. Therefore, Voluum is the number one tool that top affiliate marketers use for their campaigns. Voluum is also useful for affiliate marketers for tracking conversions. It […]
    Jeremy Saunders
  • The Power Of Widget Blocking 23 March 2017
    At Native Ads, we work hard to make your campaign successful right out of the gate. However, sometimes a little more work is needed to make a campaign profitable, and that’s where widget blocking can really help. Widget blocking stops specific widgets from delivering traffic to your campaigns. To setup widget blocking: Edit Your Campaign […]
    Jeremy Saunders
  • How to Get More Traffic While Bidding Less 15 March 2017
    Advertisers often ask us how they can get lots of traffic without bidding higher. It’s actually quite easy to increase your traffic without raising your bid. The key is to maximize your Click Through Rate (CTR). Native Advertising networks prioritize the ads that generate the highest revenue. However, that doesn’t mean we always prioritize the […]
    Jeremy Saunders
  • Emotional Marketing: 3 Principles That Convert More Leads 25 January 2017
    Let me tell you a story that I hope will demonstrate how emotion works with branding and people’s buying decisions: I once knew a guy who loooooved Nike shoes. He studied engineering, and through that, wrote a research paper on how Nike shoes were made. He would explain how Nike Shoes were in research for […]
    Joyce Grace
  • Become A Guest-Blogger With Native Ads Academy 21 November 2016
    Here are some things you may not have known about the Native Ads, Inc. blog… We have 7,075 people subscribed to our blog! We get 13,921 unique visitors per month, and 86,475 page-views – and 47.53% of our traffic comes from North America And we’re offering you a chance to reach out to our audience. Yes, we’re […]
    Jon Malach
  • 12 Must-Have WordPress Plugins That Will Help Conversions 17 November 2016
    Why do you host your blog or site on WordPress? It’s easy to use, sure, but often it is the simple enhancements that seal the deal. There are so many must-have WordPress plugins you can choose from to take your blog from basic to impressive and then on to highly profitable. Of course, that profitable […]
    Rebecca Garland