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  • The GTD Approach to Linking Next Actions and Projects 30 June 2020
    One of the most common questions about implementing GTD is how to link projects and next actions. The recommendation in Getting Things Done is that you park your next actions on context-based lists — not as separate lists under each of your projects. Why does David Allen recommend that and what will you gain? Sorting […]
    GTD Times Staff
  • The Critically Most Important Place to Start with GTD 2 March 2020
    David Allen's answer about where to start with GTD? Anywhere. The post The Critically Most Important Place to Start with GTD appeared first on Getting Things Done®.
    John Forrister
  • Roy’s GTD Story 19 February 2020
    One takeaway from GTD for Teens that I haven't gotten from any other GTD source: As you're clarifying your projects, ask yourself "What's Next?" The post Roy’s GTD Story appeared first on Getting Things Done®.
    John Forrister
  • What have you done lately? 6 February 2020
    What have you done lately? I mean, what have you actually finished, completed, and accomplished? If you haven’t made a list in the last year, I would highly recommend that you take a few minutes and capture that. It has always intrigued me how much a less-than-conscious part of me can still have energy wrapped […]
    John Forrister
  • Is Your World Outrunning You? 6 February 2020
    There is nothing new in the world, except how frequently things are new, and the number of people having to accept and adapt consistently to that reality. The difference between your world and that of your parents is in how much less you can count on anything providing stability in your life and work, for […]
    John Forrister
  • F.D.’s GTD Story 9 January 2020
    Note: F.D.’s GTD story is in the form of an email he sent to David Allen. In it, he describes how he came across GTD, the positive impact it has had on his life, and the tools he uses. Hello David! I’d like to wish you, your family, and your team a Happy New Year. […]
    John Forrister
  • Bob’s GTD Story 22 November 2019
    Note: Bob’s GTD story is in the form of an email he sent to the team at David Allen Company. In it, he describes how he came across GTD, what tools he has used, and the positive impact it has had on his life. Greetings! My name is Bob Mecozzi, and I have been the […]
    John Forrister
  • Where’s the Kernel in the Creative Process? 30 October 2019
    Hi Folks, If you’re like me, you might wish for a way to speed up the cycle of creativity, to accomplish something faster and with less uncertainty during the process. Unfortunately, I have not found that it works that way. But I have found that there are reliable actions you can take to keep the […]
    John Forrister
  • Announcing a new English-language podcast from GTDnordic 27 August 2019
    We are delighted to announce that our partner GTDnordic has a new English-language podcast. In the beginning episodes, you will get to hear Morten Rovik and Lars Rothschild Henriksen talk about the 5 Steps of GTD workflow. If you’re new to GTD, it’s an excellent place to start. And if you’re more experienced, it’s a […]
    John Forrister
  • Peter’s GTD Story 8 August 2019
    Note: Peter’s GTD story is in a different format. Rather than the Q&A of recent installments, Peter’s story is an email he sent to David Allen. In it, he describes how he came across GTD, what tools he has used, and the positive impact it has had on his life. Dear David, I have had […]
    John Forrister

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  • How to Stop Being Passive and Start Getting What You Want 7 July 2020
    Have you ever wondered what keeps you stuck in a state of passivity each day? You tend to know exactly what you need to, but you never have the energy, motivation, or willpower to do it. You know you need to learn how to stop being passive, but how do you do that? You are […]
    Daniel Riley
  • How to Live a Full Life With No Regrets 7 July 2020
    Most people fear a life with regrets—because lost time is lost forever. Learning how to live a full life is no easy task. But life shouldn’t be about trading off important things to achieve another. You can’t achieve true happiness that way. The reality is that different aspects of your life are interlinked and interdependent. […]
    Craig J Todd
  • Brain Training: 12 Fast, Fun Mental Workouts 7 July 2020
    Exercise isn’t just for your body. Just as important is keeping your mind strong by training your brain with fun mental workouts. Think of your mental and physical fitness the same way: you don’t need to be an Olympian, but you do need to stay in shape if you want to live well. A few […]
    Kimberly Zhang
  • 10 Best Therapy Apps to Better Your Mental Health Anywhere 6 July 2020
    By 2020, a wide part of our population has gracefully accepted the fact that mental health should be given its due share of importance. Understanding psychology and working for its improvement has now become an essential part of our lives. However, for many people, just the act of going for therapy sessions has become bothersome […]
    Dize Alsan
  • 5 Tricks For Restoring Your Energy During Tough Times 6 July 2020
    Challenging times are a part of life. Though you might be feeling exhausted and even powerless while trying to restore your energy, you need to remember that it happens to everyone. It could be a difficult financial period, a complicated situation in your close relationships, loneliness, health issues, a harsh defeat, or a failure that […]
    Doron Hafner
  • How to Develop a Strong Goal Setting Mindset 6 July 2020
    When you are feeling stuck with your goals, many solutions come to mind. Perhaps you need to read some books or consider other strategies to complete your goals. But another avenue to consider is to develop your goal setting mindset. Like with everything in the self-improvement world and beyond, mindset matters. How you view your […]
    Eric Burdon
  • 10 Best Kombucha Brands To Improve Gut Health 3 July 2020
    The world of tea is vast with well over 3,000 different varieties with each of them having different characteristics. But out of those selections, I want to focus on one that’s gotten a lot of attention: kombucha. Kombucha is an olden slightly sweet, slightly acidic beverage first used in east Asia about 2000 years ago […]
    Dize Alsan
  • 15 Strategies for an Effective To-Do List 3 July 2020
    One of the age-old productivity techniques around is the classic and effective to do list, and for good reason. It’s one of the most productive ways for you and everyone else to get anything done. Whether it’s a mental list or something that you are writing down, a to do list is an essential productivity […]
    Eric Burdon
  • 3 Signs of a Failing Marriage (And How to Deal With It) 3 July 2020
    It is said that marriage is the most difficult job in the world. Statistics show that the divorce rate is approximately 50% in western countries[1]. What are the most typical signs of a failing marriage and the best ways to deal with it? Sign #1 You’re Just Not Feeling Attracted When you look back on the […]
    Jacqui Olliver
  • 15 Quick Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle 2 July 2020
    That person seems to have it all. You hate to admit it, but their effortless fitness and healthy life drive you mad all year round! What do they have that you don’t? You’ve tried the diets. You’ve done the workouts, what gives? But what if you could BECOME that person too? Don’t believe that’s possible? […]
    Katelyn Delaney

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