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  • The Best (& Most Unique) Response to "Sell Me This Pen" 7 July 2020
    "Sell me this pen." That might just be the best sales one-liner in history. It's a favorite for sales professionals from used car salespeople to Wall Street wolves. And for good reason — it's an exciting, accessible way to test a salesperson's fundamentals. How someone responds to those four words can tell you a lot […]
    Dailius Wilson
  • The 7 Most Common Sales Objections by Prospects & How to Overcome Them 7 July 2020
    Just imagine: You know that a particular prospect would be a perfect candidate for what you're selling, and you dial them up. Perhaps they're an inbound lead who has come in through your website and downloaded an offer, or perhaps you don't have an existing connection with them at all. 
  • Sales Maximization: A Picture of Its Principles and Practice 7 July 2020
    Claiming and retaining an optimal market share for your company is every bit as challenging as it is essential. It's important to consistently generate new business, but doing so isn't always self-explanatory.
  • 20 Job Interview Questions to Ask Your Sales Analyst Candidates 7 July 2020
    As the field of sales changes to meet the needs of our evolving business landscape, data becomes even more prevalent. Having access to relevant sales data can be a true differentiator for a successful sales team. In fact, high-performing sales reps are more likely to use data to guide their sales process.
  • The 15 Best Contact Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits 6 July 2020
    Be honest for a moment — are you still using spreadsheets to keep track of contact information for your nonprofit? How has that been working out? Chances are, your organization grew out of this method of contact management quickly, and the tedious task of manually tracking contact data can be impacting your fundraising efforts.
  • The Necessity of Sales Integrity and 4 Keys to Achieve It 6 July 2020
    The concept of integrity seems inherently at odds with some prospects' perceptions of sales professionals. It's a field partially-defined by the cliche of the sleazy salesperson — the one on the used car lot that knowingly sells you a lemon or any other borderline con-person who's out for cash and nothing else.
  • Down-Selling: the Art of Strategic Compromise and Salvaging Sales 3 July 2020
    Mick Jagger said it perfectly, "You can't always get what you want." The world around you is going to throw you curveballs. Nothing is promised, and in many cases, you're going to have to adapt to situations that don't go according to plan.

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  • How to Achieve Sales Mastery - A Collection of Loosely Connected Thoughts 6 July 2020
    During our first of its kind Independence Day weekend, I thought about a lot of things that loosely tied into sales effectiveness and while they could all be articles in their own right, I decided to write one article tying them all together. I've been writing articles for my Blog for fifteen years - since […]
    Dave Kurlan
  • New Data Reveals Interesting Differences in Salespeople's Ability to Work From Home 25 June 2020
    You wake up, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, you open the door and it's freezing cold outside.  Or there is the opposite of that, when there are thick clouds, it's drizzling, you open the door and it's hot and humid as hell!  Things aren't always what they appear to be.    In […]
    Dave Kurlan
  • How Much Has Video Impacted the Way We Sell? 23 June 2020
    Back in the old days, when you wanted to copy something, you would have said, "I'm going to Xerox this."  And for years when you needed a tissue you would have asked for a Kleenex.  And when you wanted to clean your ears you would have asked for a Q-Tip.  All three of these are […]
    Dave Kurlan
  • The Real Reason Why So Many Salespeople are So Bad at Selling 8 June 2020
    Would you like to start a business?  Can't figure out what business to start?  I have three ideas for you: In the past four weeks, I have tried and tried and tried to get a glass company to replace the tabletop for a large outdoor patio table after the glass exploded in an early April […]
    Dave Kurlan
  • Definitive Playbook to Lead a Sales Force Out of the Current Crisis 20 May 2020
    You might be aware that I'm leading a one-hour, live broadcast tomorrow (Thursday May 21) on How to Get Your Company's Sales Engine Roaring Again.  
    Dave Kurlan
  • One Thing Your Company Must Do Right Now to Increase Sales 13 May 2020
    Most in the cherry-picking news media are continuing to pound us with bad stuff: record unemployment, 80,000 dead, lockdowns into August, 30 trillion in debt, economy will be slow to recover, you'll be jailed if you open your business too soon, schools to remain closed in September, people will die, etc.  But there is good […]
    Dave Kurlan
  • 10 Critical Best Practices for Your Sales Force in This Crisis 27 April 2020
    We are in week 6 of lockdown, week 8 of voluntary work-from-home, while adapting, guiding and directing companies who still need to sell their products and services to generate revenue.  At this point sales is about so much more than generating revenue for profit or to keep employees working.  For most companies, sales is now […]
    Dave Kurlan

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  • 3 Tips for Hiring A Coachable Salesperson 7 July 2020
    This article describes how to hire a coachable salesperson. Here are the tangible qualities that sales managers should look for during the interview process to accurately predict whether or not a sales candidate will be coachable. When hiring a salesperson, sales managers are increasingly telling me that they’re paying more attention to “coachability” — mostly […]
    Kevin F. Davis
  • Great Sales Managers Answer “Yes!” To These 4 Questions 20 May 2020
    This article provides four questions that you can ask a sales manager to quickly judge if he or she is a great sales manager, or not. If you currently are a sales manager, ask yourself these four questions to assess your own sales management skills and areas for improvement. Do all of your salespeople implement […]
    Kevin F. Davis
  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Sales Managers Make 25 March 2020
    This article describes the 5 biggest mistakes that new sales managers make, and how to avoid them The post The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Sales Managers Make appeared first on TopLine Leadership.
    Kevin F. Davis
  • 7 Powerful Sales Questions for Winning More Deals 3 February 2020
    This article provides seven powerful sales questions along with the reasons why you should ask them. These questions can help you expand customer needs, shift your prospect’s focus from price to value and improve your understanding of the buyer’s thinking. The questions you ask your prospects are more important than anything you say. Here are […]
    Kevin F. Davis
  • 5 Essential Selling Skills for Winning Deals 7 January 2020
    5 essential selling skills that you need to know that can help you slow down to sell faster. The post 5 Essential Selling Skills for Winning Deals appeared first on TopLine Leadership.
    Kevin F. Davis
  • How Effective Sales Managers Improve Team Accountability & Performance 15 October 2019
    Effective sales managers focus on building more team accountability and performance. An accountable sales team is the byproduct of an effective sales manager who holds salespeople accountable for daily behaviors, activities, and results. Read this article to see how. The post How Effective Sales Managers Improve Team Accountability & Performance appeared first on TopLine Leadership.
    Kevin F. Davis
  • Coaching the Sales Cycle – Timing is Everything! 9 September 2019
    This article describes the phases of a sales cycle when a sales manager’s coaching can have the greatest positive impact on both the salesperson and your team’s win-rate. The post Coaching the Sales Cycle – Timing is Everything! appeared first on TopLine Leadership.
    Kevin F. Davis

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