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Business Development

Come up screaming with growth strategies, best practices, and discussions on how we can bring in more business for your growing venture. Big Country Marketing specializes in providing sales, marketing, and other business development solutions for forward-thinking small-to-medium enterprises and entrepreneurial endeavors. Need to know more on how Big Country Marketing can work for you and your brand? Talk to our team today so we can schedule a consultation just for you.

Event Management

Like a lover's voice fires the mountainside, events are a great way to engage with your target audience, allowing for a wealth of opportunities to connect and communicate. The brain trust behind Big Country Marketing has had extensive event management experience, having been involved in live productions and promotional activities of all kinds. Get in touch with our team today, so we can talk about you and your company's event requirement needs.

Digital Services

We're not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but you're going to need a few things to stay relevant and competitive. Big Country Marketing has an array of services ranging from web development, to various internet marketing services, as well as solutions for content, digital production, and channel management. For a full list of our available service packages for your own rowing enterprise or entrepreneurial endeavor, get in touch with our team today.
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Do Business in Tagaytay

Looking to do business South of Metro Manila? There are plenty of opportunities for forward-thinking brands and SME's in and around Tagaytay City.
More On Metro Tagaytay Here.

Key Territories

Big Country Marketing offers its business development services from its home in Metro Tagaytay, to various parts of the Philippines, and all over the world via its international partners.

Our boutique marketing services company is a lot more active in certain key territories, including:

Metro Tagaytay

From its humble roots in Metro Tagaytay, Big Country Marketing is more involved in the wedding and hospitality industry, frequently working with hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, wedding vendors, event suppliers, and other small businesses in Tagaytay City, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Amadeo, Alfonso, Silang, Indang, and Mendez.


Need to promote your brand in Cavite, Laguna, or Batangas? Big Country Marketing and Events is expanding its operations outside of Metro Tagaytay, covering neighboring lowlands Cavite, as well as key communities in Calabarzon province, catering to forward-thinking brands and entrepreneurs there as well.

Bonifacio Global City

Big Country Marketing maintains a small office in Bonifacio Global City, attending to the marketing and promotions needs of restaurants, retail establishments, and other MSME's in Taguig.

Renzie Baluyut of Big Country Marketing

Leading the team behind Big Country Marketing is former FM radio executive Renzie Baluyut, who runs BCM from a modest country office in the town of Amadeo (just outside Tagaytay City)

Renzie brings his 23+ years' experience as a media and marketing professional to Big Country Marketing, providing a more comprehensive approach to small-business marketing, utilizing both traditional and digital methods. While most of his career was spent with FM radio stations, production groups, and BPO/KPO companies, he has since then made a transition to web development and internet marketing.

A serial entrepreneur himself, Renzie and his wife run several small business operations from Metro Tagaytay covering diverse interests-- from weddings and corporate events, to vehicle rentals and cake design, to real estate and property development.