About BCM

Big Country Marketing is a boutique business service company established in 2012. The company started building and managing WordPress websites for local brands and businesses but has since then pivoted towards servicing a more select, exclusive clientele.

Big Country Marketing is based in Cavite, Philippines. Its offices are located in the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay, the country’s second summer capital. 

Up until 2020, Big Country Marketing also managed several local business ventures, notably in the wedding and local tourism industry. Today, the company focuses on content creation and digital marketing services

About the Website

BigCountryMarketing.com is the official website of Big Country Marketing and Events. This site has already gone through several iterations, but this current one aims to be a repository of useful articles and references on small business marketing.

Marketing a growing business venture is a constant struggle for busy business owners. The blog posts we’ve put together and published on BigCountryMarketing.com aims to make small business marketing just a little bit easier for these time-challenged entrepreneurs.

About Renzie

Renzie Baluyut is the founder and owner-proprietor of Big Country Marketing and Events. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, event management, and business development, Renzie has worked with brands and entrepreneurial ventures of all kinds.

A former FM radio executive, at various points of his career, Renzie was also in the business of outsourcing, concert production and promotion, weddings, real estate, custom cakes, and web development.

These days, in between his various personal projects, he provides content marketing services to various small businesses through a digital services agency based in Rocklin, CA.

Legal Information

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