About Us

About Big Country Marketing

Big Country Marketing is a boutique marketing agency based in Metro Tagaytay, in the Philippines.

We make search engine-friendly, and easy-to-use websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with a strong emphasis on content development. That would mean the creation of:

Blog posts & articles
Press releases
Social media campaigns
Brochures and sales materials
Online promos, activities, and contests
On-ground promotional activities
Product launches and media events
Themed parties
Whitepapers and ebooks
Webinars and virtual events
Photo galleries and photoshoots
Presentations and slideshows
Podcasts and video
Concerts and live music productions

About Our Blog

The Big Country Marketing website is, for the most part, a repository of curated resources for entrepreneurs such as myself. Yes, it does have a ton of stuff on all kinds of marketing, and a little bit on entrepreneurship and productivity, with much of the content geared more towards educating small business owners on topics such as…

Advertising and Media
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing
Event Management & Event Planning
FM Radio Marketing and Advertising
Local SEO
Native Advertising
Local Store Marketing
Sales Management
Work-Life Balance

The Dude Behind Big Country Marketing

Renzie Baluyut is a digital marketing professional with over 20 years of experience as in broadcast media, event design and management, business development, and marketing communications.

An FM radio executive and former independent concert producer/promoter, Renzie now runs a number of small businesses with his wife from their home offices in Amadeo, Cavite, mostly catering to soon-to-weds and couples getting married in Metro Tagaytay, but also does business with hotels, restaurants, and other wedding suppliers within the neighborhood.

Renzie likes tinkering with websites in his spare time, and takes it upon himself to personally manage the sites and online marketing campaigns for their business ventures. He’s created content and websites for dozens of clients based in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.